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Veteran Resource Services, Inc.

A 501c3 Nonprofit Organization

Basketball tournament in the works! Watch for more info.  Gather your teams to compete for great prizes!

VRS launches new Speakers Bureau!

First Seminar entitled "The Opioid Addiction & its Tsunami Effect upon Youth"

No matter what your talent or passion, there is a place of service for you with us! Submit an interest form and we will respond right away. Thank you for your interest.

Veteran's family donates to VRS.  Mrs. Rosa Kreiss of Maryland is donating half of the proceeds from her estate sale to help our veterans!  Her son is a veteran of the US Navy and served aboard the USS Nimitz.  

VRS adds a new focus to its services:  eBENEFIT FILING

Tona Law offers $1000 scholarship for college!  Apply here!


Our Mission : "Heart job"

OPIOIDS -  Devastating to our veterans...destroying their families!  Learn about the new Speakers' Bureau and how we can make a difference!  Plan a workshop for your organization NOW!

Seminar for Community Leaders is offered on March 9th.  Click here to learn more.  

Sam Smith donates PCs, Laptops, and time to help establish our training/work center. Sam is a networking engineer and instructor in cyber-security.  

War on Waste needs a few acres of land to launch.  Will you donate?  Help us help others!  

Our mission is to assist veterans with the transition back to civilian life through education, counseling, housing, and jobs. We will make a difference by enabling veterans to fulfill their dreams of a better life for themselves and their families. 

Education: Transitional Education Program

Housing: CA & Central FL

Jobs: Call Center;  VRS-WOW; Security

Call 407-733-2873 or email  

~More to come~