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 VRS offers advising for both career choice and academics.  First, the veteran is given a variety of assessments that will help to pinpoint those characteristics which, in turn, translate into career options.  Often, personality testing will reveal things to person that have never been known before or perhaps had never been identified as having a significant effect upon career choice.  For example, if you are an extrovert, it is unlikely that a career such as accounting will prove to be exciting or fulfilling to you.  Likewise, if you prefer working alone and are exact, you may have the personality that is easily suitable for accounting.  Does this make a difference?  You bet!  There is nothing worse than being stuck in a job that you just don't like!  It doesn't matter the pay scale or the hours or the effort required!  When you find your "Heart Job"...then each day becomes fun and is never a chore!


For those whose career choice involves higher education, VRS will share information about a variety of colleges and universities that have curriculum to meet your needs.  These schools offer online education that allow you to access your studies through the Internet.  By taking your classes online, you are not restricted in where to live, when to study, or when to work.  Rather, you experience freedom in setting your education to your lifestyle.

Funding for your tuition can come from a variety of areas including but not limited to your GI Bill, Pell Grant, Federal Student Loans (FAFSA), or additional scholarships and grants.  Ultimately, you will learn about multiple schools and the good, the bad, and the ugly of each.  You will know exactly what to expect, how much it will cost, and how to get through all applications.  And, after the enrollment, VRS will continue to support you and your family members through to a successful completion!  VRS wants you to succeed!


Now, college is not for everyone and we respect that difference!  VRS is creating specific training programs that lead to jobs and/or entrepreneurial opportunities.  Subject areas include but are not limited to:  Advanced Security, Ranching, Farming, and Scuba.  Training program length varies, depending on the topic.  And, initiation of the programs is limited to the acquisition of training facilities.  VRS has written curriculum and is now working to develop the facilities needed to provide a safe and adequate location to ensure success for the veteran and the organization.  Additional programs are under consideration and will be introduced as demand supports them.  While under development, VRS may outsource training to a third that has been vetted and has a proven success record!  


VRS is building a transitional program that will assist anyone in preparing for college and career development.  Topics include but are not limited to:  Financial Management & Planning, Resume Writing, Interview Skills, Parenting, Personal Development.  Additional courses will be developed and delivered based on need and demand. 


We recognize that often, our veterans have gone to the battlefield with less than adequate high school education. Plus, fighting for survival can easily replace algebra, English grammar, and other topics that were not necessary on the battlefield.  Therefore, we are preparing transitional education programs for individuals who want to strengthen their knowledge in particular subjects.  We are including math, English composition, reading, and geography. These classes can be taken by anyone at any time.  


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