Todays Veteran interviews the founders of VRS. 


For the past several years, our nation has become more acutely aware of the challenges that our veterans and their families face as they try to reintegrate into civilian life.  Focus has been placed on the Veterans Administration and its inability to solve those problems that range from physical to emotional.  The system has become so cumbersome that veterans are left wanting.  Issues such as depression, PTSD, and disability, are only accentuated when the skills of the veteran do not translate into the needs of the civilian business world.  Thus, many find themselves facing unemployment and even homelessness, adding even more stress and feelings of inadequacy and hopelessness.  VRS wants to intercede to help solve some of these problems.


The problem is multi-faceted and therefore, the solution must be as well.  VRS believes that when an individual is able to work in a career that gives them personal satisfaction, as well as the ability to support the family, then the person will grow in self-esteem, confidence, and ability.  However, to do this, challenges must be met with creativity and dedication.  VRS takes a 3-pronged approach to assisting the veteran.  First, an assessment is completed that helps to identify the passions, talents, and gifts of the veteran.  This leads to an identified career choice.  Second, the veteran is placed into a training program, either one provided through a university, or one provided by VRS or its partners.  Third, the veteran is supported through the training program with housing, counseling, and finally, with job placement.  

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