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Veteran Resource Services, Inc.

A 501c3 Nonprofit Organization


The goal of VRS is to assist veterans in the quest for a meaningful and exciting that not only financially supports you and your family, but also taps into your passions, your talents, your goals for the future.

3 STEPS​:   Career & Educational Counseling --- Training --- Job Placement

Career & Educational Counseling:  VRS will work with you to identify the career of choice.  You may already be trained in that area and if so, then you can skip to Job Placement.  If you need education, then you will be referred to Educate U, our partner in educational placement. 

Training:   VRS is developing specific areas of training that lead to jobs and/or entrepreneurial opportunities.  These areas are Ranching, Farming, Advanced Security, Scuba, and Job Placement Specialists.  In some instances, VRS connects you to third parties that provide training.  In other instances, VRS provides the training on site. 

Job Placement:   VRS works with you to help find positions for which you can apply.  And, the job placement service also creates jobs for veterans, instigating a veteran helping veteran scenario.

COST:  Each training program has its own tuition that may be covered by Vocational Rehabilitation funding.  Check under each program for tuition and funding information.  Our educational counseling is offered to you at NO charge.  And, job placement is structured so that the employer pays the finders fee.